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I didn't sleep at all last night.

And I mean at all. Had a bath at ten, crawled in bed at 11, lay there awake for a long, long while... got up at 1am for the bathroom, slumped in bed some more, heard my sister being sick at 3am, got her a drink, gave up, came downstairs at 4am.

I've been online since 4am, people.

So there's a virus in the air thanks to sissy, I've had no sleep, it's hotter in this country than it is in fuckin' GREECE, I'm not eating properly, I've been online for close to 10 hours....

And now I'm burning up.

And William Beckett has a better body than me.

And my arms are starting to ache.

Along with my head.

And I have to go to church tonight since it's Jessie's last day.

Someone please come and stop me dying a grisly death?
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