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Liiiife... is funny.. WHEN HIGH.

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson. It's a lesson that will forever help me in my life. Something that works in conjunction with the greatest philosophies and theories.

It doesn't take a lot to amuse me.

Though that's not really it.

It's more like.

I giggle like a feckin' lunatic at everything.

Now, either this morning was a very funny morning, or I was high on my 4 hours of sleep and decided it was a very funny morning.

The latter's more likely. Since now I look through the things that made me cackle for five solid minutes and simply blink widely in classic chibi-style.

So welcome....

Screaming out the mating call
I've become the lord of love

I break your will
I'll break your will for good
I treat you like a brute

Who's your daddy,
say, who's your daddy?
Who puts you in your place?
Who's your daddy,
bitch, who's your daddy?
Surrender and obey, who's your daddy?

Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She's a battle-ax in pinstripes
Get ready for your prime time
Max out the triple-X-drive.


The men are geniuses.

Seriously cleanser impaired geniuses.

How about this little tidbit?

Friend: I woke up at 2 and looked out of the window, it was beautiful.
Me: I woke up at 4. But I didn't look out of the window.
Me: I thought there was a hobo in my garden that would kill me O_O
Friend: ... oh God.

Some other things people won't get...

How about Ville coming SO CLOSE to posting The Used lyrics to Nick? Gulp...

Hah, and apparantly (my sources are Finnish and unreliable) Jyrki 69's real name is Jyrki Varjo. Snort. FINNISH JOKE. .. hah. (George Shadow, for anyone who doesn't know). I find it great that he changed his name FROM Shadow while so many would happily change their name TO Shadow.

I find it fun when people in my house make 'intelligent' jokes. It's not because the jokes themselves are funny, more often than not they're lame as a turtle in a cheese grater, but the simple idea that someone IN MY HOUSE has said something vaguely intelligent is the funniest thing of them all.

Me and my Dad: -discussing similies and metaphor differences-
Me: So a similie is a direct description of a visualisation whereas a metaphor tends to refer to the deeper meaning of the image or situation?
Dad: So saying your sister looks like a pig is a metaphor?
Me: ::frustrated sigh:: No, similie.
Sister: ::lip tremble::
Dad: ::manic cackle::
Me: ::headpalm::

Then there was being cybered with sharpies, making pornographic cartoons to Finnish monster rock, Kit being sleepy and me being generally hyper as fuck.

But the thing that made my day beyond all else was finding Sora's email. That.... I can't even tell you how much that boosted me. If you're reading this, love ya sweetie!

I made this! ::PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE::

Dustles: i could pick up an extra
Dustles: XP
Dustles: And somehow persuade Nick to let Tyson have his way with him
Dustles: XD
Dustles: Though I'm so partial to Dustin
Dustles: XP
Kaykayagain: Mehehe.
Kaykayagain: Do eeeeeeeeeeet.
Kaykayagain: ..wait..Nick's going out with my character..O_O..
Kaykayagain: ...don't do eeeet!
Dustles: XD
Dustles: -gigglesnort-
Dustles: You're so easily distracted

Dustles: Because it's too depressing to think about hot guys with girls
Kaykayagain: IKNOW.
Kaykayagain: It gets bad.
Kaykayagain: Because I can't have the "I met him in a nightclub.." fantasies.
Kaykayagain: 'cause it always goes into.. 'I met A7X at a nightclub... Syn smiled at me.. THEN WENT OFF TO HAVE WILD SECKS WITH MATT -- crap!'

BonnyYonny: And you should put a random picture of something very random at the end xD
Kaykayagain: Like.. thrust in, thrust out, thrust in, thrust out, thrust in, thrust out, LLAMA, thrust in, thrust out, thrust in, thrust out..
BonnyYonny: LMAO YEAH!
BonnyYonny: like have it just flash as quick as possible
Kaykayagain: Muahaha! -toddles off to video maker-
BonnyYonny: lmao
BonnyYonny: Oh good Kay. I love you

I <3 my giiirls.

- The 50s -

01. I love early rock'n'roll

02. 'Grease' is one of my favourite movies

03. Poodle skirts are cute

04. I'd love to be a good housewife with my own family

05. Guys look hot in leather jackets

06. Marilyn Monroe is my idol!

07. I have been to a drive in</b>

total [4]

- The 60s -

01. I own a mini skirt

02. I love Breakfast at tiffanys!

03. Flower power!

04. I own something tye dye

05. I would have loved to have been at Woodstock

06. I'd say i'm a fan of the Beatles ((..BLASPHEMY! THOSE WORDS ARE BLASPHEMY! ... Don't hate me for my Beatle dislike..))

07. I've watched the original Bewitched

total [5]

- The 70s -

01. I love Disco music <3

02. Platforms are cool

03. I'd love to have my hair flicked out like Farrah Fawcetts!

04. I was/am a fan of Abba

05. I have an old pair of rollerskates

06. I love old 70s movies

07. Glitter, glam, and disco YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

total [6]

- The 80s -

01. Big hair is what it's all about

02. I owned/do own a cabbage patch kid

03. I still own some tapes

04. I love hair metal/rock <3

05. I have seen all or most of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies

06. Shoulderpads should come back into fashion!

07. I own leg warmers!

total [2]

- The 90s -

01. I watched 'Friends' when it started

02. I remember Titanic coming out in cinemas

03. I love/d boybands!

04. Michael Jackson

05. I owned/remember a sega mega drive and early playstations

06. I own/ed a pair of leggings

07. I remember the tamagotchi and furbie fazes (I had a couple of both O_O)

total [3]

Which decade do you belong to?: THE 70s!

I was born a good few decades too late! Stolen from Kriss XDD
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