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A briefing of my life.

I'm taking a God damn mother fucker of a stand here!

I'm going to tell you all about my life right here.

I've left my church because they're racist, sexist, elitist, prejudice, hypocritical bastards with fairy-tale beliefs. I was a Mormon, by the way. Now I'm researching and definitely heading towards my own form of Spiritualism/Buddhism/Wiccan because I have no faith or belief in organised religion. And.. terrifyingly.. I think I'm losing my faith in Christ.

I hate everyone in my area with a vicious intensity and unless we get a sudden influx in people with brains, oppinions and decent tastes I will be spending the rest of my days on a computer.

My sister has a lump under her eye and may have to have an operation.

Snakes on a Plane makes me ridiculously happy. Like.. seriously ridiculously happy.

Papa Roach - I Wanna Be Loved
Eighteen Visions - Victim
David Cassidy - I Think I Love You
Taking Back Sunday - Twenty Tweny Sugery

are the best songs in my world right now.

Bands - A Change of Image

Throughout the history of the world, image has always been key. In modern times, we are still linked so closely to our ancestors; to the animals and brutes of years gone by.

In scientific terms, the space between neolithic male and 21st century male is shockingly short, and through everything, it shows.

It's terrifying that the only thing that evolves is public fad and a opinion rather than the actual human. That nature always remains. It's just influenced by different things.

Creatures all around attract a mate by looking good. Birds fan their feathers. Only the male peacock is coloured, since it is the man's task to attract.

This seeming sense of chivalry doesn't seem to be apparant too often, however. In the art of attraction sexism is nonexistant.

Through media and peer pressure we are persuaded that finding a mate and reproducing the key goal in life. Everything prepares us and leads us to this. Therefore it is understandable, perhaps, that looks and image are always key.

When a person is self-concious, they lose confidence. Lack of confidence restricts the amount of things a person can do. It's a huge, vital point of life to look good.

In social situations, the unkind nature of a lot of people encourages people to look good to escape general nastiness. In a world where we must all fit in, this is just a part of life we must accept.

But we must not forget that these ideas stretch further. They include sport stars, celebrities, artists and bands.

Public image is everything. In fame you must sell yourself to achieve everything.

Certain stars create a certain image for theirselves and keep it forever. It becomes an integral part of them and their work. Take Marilyn Manson, for example. He created a whole new world, a new industry.

Then you have Madonna - who based her career upon a constantly changing image.

But often, in music, this frustrates me. When an image and sound changes, it often leaves many fans behind.

I was always a lover of My Chemical Romance. I adore their sound, their image, their everything. When news of the new album taking an entirely different direction came about, I admit, I panicked.

'70's disco rock? What the hell? That wasn't my babies! That wasn't the sound I had fallen in love with!

How dare they betray us all by changing so drastically.

But then I realised... art is a personal matter. Whether writing, poetry, music, dancing, acting, painting... it's all about self expression.

And us, as humans, constantly change. We may not be evolving physically, but by hell we are evolving mentally.

Our image will always change with our minds. We are constantly learning and growing. We express what we are currently going through, what we currently love.

These bands don't write for the fans. They don't play what everyone wants to hear. And isn't that what makes us love them? They are creating something personal and beautiful from their hearts. Alternative music seems to be the only industry that has a fragment of soul in it still, and we should encourage this by not panicking at the slightest sign of change.

These talented people are taking therapy and letting us have a little peek in on their world.

This article was brought on due to the change in Papa Roach.

Now, I never knew anything about this band. I heard they were Nu-Metal, and me being the closed minded fool I am, I chose to stay away from this. Despite my Korn fangirling. From videos I had seen and songs I had heard through radio and friends, they seemed to stick to their 'nu-metal' label.

And suddenly, I'm sitting at my computer and a wonderful, wonderful song comes on the TV. Sleeze rock twists in the likening of oldschool The 69 Eyes.

I glanced at the TV, and wow, Eighteen Visions maybe? A new band I have never heard of? Hotties in eyeliner, dressing like Ville Valo with the hair and make-up of American idiot era Billie Joe.

Yet, no, Papa Roach.

I understand that this change in image could, and probably will, hurt many fans. Indeed, if My Chemical Romance started playing nu-metal, my little heart would be broken.

And yet as much as I would dislike it, I would understand it.

Evolution is a part of animals, humans and bands a like. This new species will evolve into something beautiful, something that will attract fans across the land. For just as an image will evolve, people's tastes need to grow with it.

Change can be a terrifying mother-fucker, but it's also the most refreshing thing of all.

Their show was mind shattering even though I missed Rae and Zoe.

I pray to baby Buddha that I can see Cath and Zoe at Lostprophets/From First To Last because I adore them muchos.

My family are being ridiculous with my net time and I'm majorly missing out.

I have been won over by the powers of myspace after losing contact with a group of beloved friends only to find them again over the great paedeophile site.

Rae made me obsessed with Black Dahlia. I've been reading about it all day and now I really must see the movie.

I'm writing too much poetry, starting a journal, reading Oriental literature (Hwee Hwee Tan is a God) and watching too many movies (The Producers is the most hilarious thing ever).

I'm addicted to concerts, Gee saw up my skirt, I'm wearing lacy underwear, I keep eating Pepperami, Russel T Davis is actually a genius, and oh lord JACK WHITE IS THE GUY FROM THE RACONTEURS.

Unless the magazine was being sarcy.

And I'm insane.

My cousin is ridiculously racist. But I still adore him.

Losing the internet for a fortnight was unbearable yet strangely exhilarating and thought provoking.

GJ has more features than Livejournal will ever have for a price called FREE yet all the communities and journals are near dead. It now seems strictly reserved for roleplays. Which I desperately need.

Have a nifty slash roleplay community?

Tell me about it before I throw myself from a roof.

Oh, and I plan to make a music video DVD because MTV2 suck and will never, ever play Seize The Day no matter how many dirty texts I sent them. Any suggestions?
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