xemoxomegax (xemoxomegax) wrote,

I haven't been very good, huh? :? My commenting / replying has definitely lacked, while my whinging / over-posting has gone through the roof.

I just want to say.. I read all comments, I read everything on my friends page.. and I adore you all. Even if we don't talk too much, you guys make me smile, you make me cry, you make me feel, which is definitely a big awesome thing right now.

Everyone on my list, and I mean EVERYONE, I love you all. Even if I've never commented you in my life and vice versa, I love you. Because you make me feel like I'm not so alone in this crappy lil world. And yes, I mean, I'm glad I'm surrounded by weirdos =D

Okay. .. ahem. Yeah. I'm in a really weird mood. I want to write warped stories and poetry and scream and dance and voice all this crazy shit going on in my head. It's like I'm stuck in a permanant dream right now. Everything makes no sense yet makes far too much sense for comfort. It's like I'm shaving my face with a straight-razor despite being a chick. Since last time I checked.

There are so many freaky lil things going on.. I feel unorganised. My OCDs kicking in like a bitch and I want to sort things. My typing fingers (because I have a strange form of speed-chicken-pecking. Like chick scratching but not. Why do all forms of communication I use revolve around poulty? I even like to quack to express deep weirdness..)

But yes. I love you. I'm so grateful for you. And I can honestly say I have the coolest people on ElJay on my friends list. I can relate to you all, no matter what our differences. You teach me about different worlds.


And organising and writing something warped about something warped...

See, I wanna finish that A7X slash, but it's too sane right now. My mind's going at a hundred miles a minute. I should do something create but weird. GIVE ME WHIMSY... GIVE ME FREAKINESS... Yeah. So. This MCR fic and this VAM fic I read inspired me too much. But it's a terrifying sort of inspiration where I don't know what to do with it.

I need something weird.

So I'll name a random scene then describe it in a weird way.

I'll tell you how that goes.

But yeah, life rocks right now. I feel awesome. And I'm seeing Rae and Zoe tomorrow :O HOWCOOLISTHAT?

Only I'll freeze and be quiet and shy and awkward and we won't talk and they're hate me and I'll run to the circus.



♥ - Kay
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