xemoxomegax (xemoxomegax) wrote,

I'm writing, writing, writing.

Lots of slashy happiness.

Well, it's not slashy yet.

Really, it's gross right now.

But slashy slashy slashy soon!

I miss AIM.

I wanna tell people about the slashy-slashy.

But I'll get distracted =(

My sister found a spider and thought it was Steve Irwin reincarnated.

She's adorable. Sometimes.

My mum's considering moving us to Australia.

And usually, she has little whims like this and that's the last we hear.

But she's researching :O My mum never researches. She's my tutor and I've only seen her research ONCE. We ended up moving to the other side of the city -.-

Not sure how I feel about this just yet...

Christmas on the beach?


A7X playing two venues across the whole country?

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