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x Smeared x Eyeliner x

The Emo Omega

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the chick.

I'm obsessed with Finland, rock music, and slash. I like to think I'm arty but I'm a bit.. not. I like to think I'm un-stupid, but I use non-words like 'un-stupid' so I'm... not. Hah. I use too many smilies and I read too many books. Ville Valo, Richard Branson, Pete Wentz, Russel T Davis, Joss Whedon and the guy who started easy jet are my idols, all for either very similar or very different reasons. I love my family but whine about them constantly. I love my computer yet whine about it constantly. I whine. I love. .. Constantly.

Uhm. I'm Joan. Or Kay. Depends how you know me. Face to face? Joan/Joanous. Online? Kay'd be just spanky, thank you.

I'm bi-curious-ish. Or just lazy. Kiss a girl? Alright. I don't particularly care.

I'm sarcastic. Lazy. Bored. An internet whore... I'm spiritual.. an ex-mormon-current-spiritualist/buddhist/wiccan...

Uhmmmm. I'm SCENE. .. I wish I knew what that meant. Apparantly it's because I wear stripey clothes.

I like to skateboard. And draw. And paint. And read and write. All that other losery stuff. Music isn't really my life, but it's a definite life saver.

I love my friends. All of them. Especially the ones I have never met.

Wearing converse is fun.

I'm obsessed with cultures. Finland, Japan.. all good. I'm morbid. I like death even though I don't believe in it. I like words. I'm not good at speaking. But writing's good. Debating. Reading. Language in general. I like learning. Tis super fun.

I think Tom DeLonge is an assfuck. I don't like Slayer or Iron Maiden. I proudly listen to Tom Jones and David Cassidy. Alan Sugar is an idol. I watch The Dragon's Den while eating custard creams.

I hate people who make trouble for the heck of it. Pointless things are pointless. I am a former Anti-Myspace-Person..thing. Internet addictions are nifty. I don't like prejudice, hypocrisy, ignorance, arrogance, sexism, racism, elitism and homophobia. I like not being serious. I like being serious.

I'm addicted to concerts. I ish straight-edge, yo! And very, very, very English.

I speak too much on AIM, hate MSN more than floral curtains. I'm far too laid back for my own good and like nothing more than a hot bath, a good book, and some sparkly gothic music. Or Snakes on a Plane and The Black Parade will do.

I'm furiously fickle, I always contradict myself.

And most of all...


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the music.

the random-ass graphics.

the love.

Smosh are random love.

the pimpin'.

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JDC Detroit.

avenged sevenfold are big muscly, tattooed gay love.

mah friends are awesome, graphic-making love.